Community Media for Forest Park, Greenhills, Colerain Township and Springfield Township
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Community Messenger Board
The Community Programming Board of Forest Park, Greenhills, and Springfield Township displays a message board during time blocks in which no programming is played on the access channels of Time Warner Cable of Cincinnati. To submit a message via email, fill out the form by clicking on the link below.
Waycross offers a display system for non-commercial public information and announcements on the Public, Government, and Educational access channels.

Eligible message/announcement providers:

  1. CPB member governments -- Forest Park, Greenhills and Springfield Township.
  2. State of Ohio and U.S. federal agencies
  3. School districts and schools with students in our member communities
  4. Non-profit organizations serving constituents in our member communities
  5. Local producers using the system to promote their cable access programs

Providers submit their own messages:

  1. Successful messages are considerate of viewers/readers …
    • Keep messages short (we suggest under 100 words)
    • type in upper and lower case -- use capitals for emphasis, but YOU NEED NOT SHOUT EVERY WORD!
  2. Before messages may be displayed, we require completed applications. Applications may be obtained by mail or fax by calling the Waycross studio, or printed from the website at
    • Application/agreements are public documents, available for inspection.
  3. Message providers may submit their messages in the following manner:
    • On paper. The message may be dropped off, faxed or mailed to the studio. It must be accompanied by a completed and signed application.
    • On the web, at
    • On disk. Save each message as a separate (ASCII) text document on a three and one half inch (3 1/2”) computer disk. (We can convert most word processor formats, but prefer ASCII text.) Send or bring the computer disk to the Waycross studio. It must be accompanied by a completed and signed application.
  4. Event announcements and program promotions may run up to six weeks.

Additional information related to the video bulletin boards:

  1. Waycross staff may edit the content of the message to allow it to fit on the screen.
  2. Waycross staff may choose backgrounds, visual effects, etc. to enhance the visual appeal of the message.
  3. Waycross staff may act as proofreader for the message posted, but any messages submitted to the Waycross Community Messenger should be proofread by the submitter for spelling, grammer, and accuracy.
  4. Messages may also be used on the Waycross website. Completion of the Community Messenger Cablecast Agreement also implies consent to post the information on the world wide web.

Cable Access Application & Agreement
Submitting this form herby confirms authorization to publically present this information on behalf of the organization represented, affirms that the message neither endorses commercial products (or services) nor solicits funds, and request the accompanying message(s) be displayed via cable access.

Submitting this form warants that the accompanying message(s) are appropriate for all audiences.

Submitting this form acknowledges that Waycross Community Media will keep this application and a copy of the message as a public record for inspection upon written request. False or misleading information on this application may result in forfeiture of community access privileges, plus other remedies in law or equity.

Submitting this form understands that the message may be edited for the available space within the system.

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