Community Media for Forest Park, Greenhills, Colerain Township and Springfield Township
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Community Building Mission of the Community Programming Board:

To bring local residents, schools, governments, churches, service groups and businesses together with constructive, prudent uses of communication technologies to build and enhance Community.

In this context, "Community" is the ideal of public life where residents respect and encourage one another to grow and develop as individuals, actively participate in their democratic government and share the sense of responsibility for the common good.

Jurisdictional lines seem to separate neighboring communities, but we recognize our true interdependence: sharing regional school districts, water systems, power plants, and telecommunications infrastructures. Waycross Community Media should bridge political separations by applying telecommunication technologies to help area residents fully participate in community life.

  1. CPB Goals:

    1. Liaison with member governments and cable company(ies) to assure fair regulation, so neither federal regulatory requirements nor commercial interests can interfere with our community building use of the cable network.
    2. Provide community members and local non-profit organizations with free and equitable access to electronic media and channels.
    3. Facilitate community awareness with coordinated volunteer presentations of public events, educational programs and governmental activities.
    4. Bring distinct constituent populations together to help one another communicate effectively.
    5. Supply non-threatening means for people to publicly risk sharing themselves, talk about what brings them joy, show what they care about and allow the rest of the community to see how truly like one another we all are.
    6. Refine processes through which individuals can be recognized for their accomplishments by the community.
    7. Teach media literacy, so residents can not only use media for effective communications, but also protect themselves against manipulations of mass media by advertisers and political opinion shapers.
    8. Educate students about the power of communication and teach them how to use media to bring about constructive changes in our society.
    9. Develop constructive participation of citizens in government; encouraging residents to become fully involved in the democratic life of our community.
    10. Inform officials, at all levels of government, about the importance of protecting community access to media and our community building process.

Waycross works for local governments:

  • Providing cable regulatory assistance, expertise and reports
  • Coordinating volunteer productions to cover government activities
  • Channeling direct and personal input from constituents to elected officials
  • Developing interactive processes to facilitate responsive communication
  • Using media to bring constituents together with those who have political responsibilities
  • Promoting understanding of the workings of local governments

Waycross works for the public:

  • Helping individuals and organizations to identify and articulate their own issues, build local community coalitions and connect with national organizations to better our society.
  • Offering regular, hands-on television production training.
  • Recruiting and supervising volunteers to crew major community productions
  • Producing community programs about matters of public interest and concern
  • Facilitating productions by local residents and nonprofit groups with phone lists of willing and qualified volunteers and advice as requested by producers.
  • Incorporating the diversity of our communities into our access program; inviting participants of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds

Waycross works for schools:

  • Supporting and encouraging uses of cable for education and administration of school programs
  • Promoting school programs with text announcements and video coverage
  • Regularly contacting school officials to preschedule upcoming events
  • Bringing special production training to students and teachers in local schools
  • Providing production gear for educational uses by teachers and students

Waycross works for community organizations:

  • Reaching out, encouraging and assisting with productions of local nonprofits, and building cross-organizational networks which help groups seek common goals
  • Promoting nonprofit programs with text messages and video public service announcements on community access channels
  • Offering special production workshops to meet schedules of nonprofit groups

Waycross works for local businesses:

  • Providing low cost underwriting opportunities for cable TV exposure
  • Producing volunteer programs about the local business environment
  • Promoting local economic development
  • Recognizing community service efforts of local businesses


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